Philosophy and Quantum Physics

The workshop "Philosophical Questions of Quantum Physics"

Since 2015, the Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology, Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University is conducting a theoretical and methodological workshop "Contemporary problems of the philosophy of science." One of the sections of the workshop is devoted to the philosophical questions of quantum physics. 
The aim of the workshop’s sections is to maintain an interest in the philosophical issues of quantum physics and its relationship with other areas of knowledge. We will attract, for professional discussion and exchange of information about the latest scientific achievements, the experts in the philosophy of science, quantum mechanics, ontology, epistemology, philosophy of mind, computer science, and other fields.
The workshop is held in the form of a report followed by a discussion or a roundtable. We invite faculty members from research universities, postgraduate students, and anyone who is interested in the philosophical issues of physics.
If you are interested in discussing the following or other themes or ready to make a presentation, please contact the organizers of the workshop.



Leader: Shipovalova Lada Ph.D.


Secretary: Terekhovich Vladislav Ph.D.,



The Institute of Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy) of St. Petersburg State University, Mendeleev line, 5, room 8

Possible themes for discussion:


  • Comparison of interpretations of quantum mechanics. Different views of quantum reality.
  • What quantum theory is really saying about the "fabric of reality"? Is there a quantum reality without measuring or without observing? What is the observer?
  • Are there paradoxes in quantum mechanics? Is there a problem of measurement (wave packet reduction)?
  • Are quantum particles (quantum field) ontological elements or something else? Is the wave function real?
  • What do quantum states describe: our knowledge of reality or reality itself?
  • What is a meaning of the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics? What is the role of consciousness?
  • Possibility and actuality in the interpretation of quantum mechanics. The relations between different philosophical conceptions of potential existence.
  • How the quantum probability relates to classical determinism? Is the quantum probability fundamental? What does the Schrödinger equation describe?
  • The problem of quantum non-locality (action at a distance).
  • The nature of a quantum superposition. Is there a superposition of macroscopic objects? Entangled states. Are the quantum objects independent of each other?
  • The role of decoherence in the interpretation of quantum mechanics.
  • What is a virtual path in the Feynman paths integral formalism?
  • Problems of quantum information. A quantum computer.