Philosophy and Quantum Physics

Philosophy, quantum physics, natural sciences, and human sciences

In recent decades, attention to the foundations of quantum physics has increased in an avalanche. The physicists strive to understand a reality that lies behind the mathematical formulas and complex experiments. Each year, the world’s leading scientific journals have published hundreds of articles that are devoted to the relationships between quantum phenomena and reality, causality, computing, universe’s evolution, and human consciousness. They have performed old thought experiments and created new experiments transforming the philosophical disputes into the area of ​​physical theories. There are plans to create a new technology of quantum cryptography and quantum computer in the next few decades. Explanatory hypotheses do not keep the pace with the experimental data. Physicists and philosophers constantly return to the essential issues, which worried Einstein, Schrödinger, Bohr, Heisenberg, and other creators of quantum mechanics.
A detailed list of the philosophical issues in the foundations of quantum physics was formulated at two conferences titled "Quantum physics and the nature of reality":
In the section Conferences, you can get acquainted with the contemporary discussion about a question: How do the issues of quantum physics relate to other fields of knowledge?
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